How to Stay Relevant in L&D

In learning and development field, things change so quickly especially when it comes to authoring tools we use in eLearning. There is always this new tool to try or newer version of a tool you used previously. I recall when I first used articulate storyline, all you had to do was to purchase a license. But now things have changed and the license option is no longer available. Your purchase is good for a year and so you have the most recent updates and do not have to deal with system issues, bugs that you have to trouble shoot with the articulate eLearning heroes community for example. This is just one of the many examples of changes that we keep track of when it comes to authoring tools. Now, many organizations try to track the learning of their learners by using XAPI and this can be applied using storyline 360. What is storyline 360? What is XAPI? Exactly. You get my point. You have to constantly upskill in our industry based on our learner and industry needs.

Connect with L&D organizations like the Association of Talent Development (ATD), the Learning Guild, and peers who are passionate about our field, to stay relevant. Join slack groups, club houses, LinkedIn groups to stay in the know. Join L&D podcasts like my podcast ‘The Empowerment Minutes’ podcast which is focused on empowering learning and development professionals and those interested in leadership and coaching with golden nuggets in our field, leadership and coaching.

Update your certifications and skills to reflect what is current in the industry. This might mean taking a course on LinkedIn learning, learning from YouTube, signing up for a university course and many other options. Whatever the option you choose, just keep learning. Equip yourself in order to equip others.