Welcome to EMK Learning Solutions LLC Module
This module provides an overview of EMK Learning Solutions LLC including its history and services.
Technology used: Vyond
Graphics: Unsplash, Canva
Icons: Vyond
Audio: Vyond text to speech
Hosting: Youtube
Video: Vyond

Job. Business woman in the office

Managing Meetings for First Time Managers Module
This is a module for first-time managers to learn how to manage meetings with their direct reports.
Authoring tool used: Storyline 360
Graphics: Storyline, Freepik
Icons: Flaticon

Hosting: WordPress
Video: Storyline


New Managing Meetings Effectively Training Module Mockup
This is a mockup of a module about managers effectively managing meetings.
Course type: Project
Authoring Tool: Adobe XD
Graphics: Freepik
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Hosting: Adobe XD